Pharrell’s Hideous Hat May Not Be As Hideous As We Thought

We didn’t understand it, we thought it was ugly the moment we saw it, but for some reason Pharrell Williams still kept on wearing it, even after we all laughed our heads off just to prove a point.

The night he debuted that “article of clothing”, social media just went crazy spewing out joke after joke after joke after joke—it was hilarious!

Is It Alive?

We’re talking about no other than Pharrell’s silly, oversized fedora hat, folks. He didn’t just wear it to the Grammys, he wore it to the Oscars too—and danced with Meryl Streep while it was sitting on top of his head. Meryl Streep! That’s enough to make even the foulest garbage famous overnight!

But you know what? All the attention that silly hat might have gotten could have just brought Mr. Williams more good karma than he thought. As it turns out, the moment he put it up for auction on eBay, it sold for a whopping $44,100 bid. WHOA!

Who’s laughing now?

Passion For Fashion—Or So We Thought

The Vivienne Westwood hat was bought by famous fast-food chain Arby’s, which had a logo very much similar to Pharrell’s hat—what a coincidence!

It’s unbelievable how this sort of ugly fashion can creep its way into our hearts—but it did. I’m definitely going to think of that horrid hat with such fondness now, especially since I learned the proceeds are all going to charity.

It just proves Pharrell doesn’t just have a big hat, he has a big heart too. And that NEVER goes out of style.

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