Shake that Shape!

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Listen up ladies. Just because you’re not as skinny as Kate Moss—or any other celebrity out there—doesn’t mean you’re no longer attractive. HEY. Before you close this window, you need to know that this isn’t a gimmick at all to make you buy anything you don’t need.

Your clothes may be on the plus size rack but that’s alright. But just to be sure you make good fashion choices, here are a few tips you might find handy the next time you decide to add something to your closet.

Find Your Size

A lot of women think they can get away with the shape of their body by “hiding” in something that’s two to three sizes bigger. Well let me tell you ladies, that won’t work. At all. The only thing you’re going to end up looking is BIGGER. So shop for your actual size—and go from there!

Color’s Good

Remember when someone told you that the safest color for plus-sized women is black? Well that may be true—but it’s the safest color for anybody, right? Your outfit, no matter what your size, if all in shades of black and dark, still deserve a pop of color every once in a while to give life to it. So add colorful accessories like your shoes or your bag. That’ll certainly liven things up.

Invest in Lingerie

You read that right, girls. Invest in lingerie. You’ll feel sexier, more feminine in it, and your partner’s going to love that look too.

You’re just as beautiful—just with a shape that’s more “pronounced”. But you can still shake it, can’t you? And there are different ways to enhance that, so always be adventurous! You’ll feel more confident and more at ease with yourself.

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