Fashion Rules for Men This Spring 2014

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March marks the switch from winter to spring and it is also perfect timing to talk about spring fashion trends for men. Not only is everybody happy that the long cold months are over. This winter is probably the coldest winter and everybody just wants a bit more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Lighter Fabrics

Aside from the season’s switch, it’s also time to rethink your outfits. It’s time to put the heavy wool and cashmere back into your closet and pull out your linens and cottons. Just because its warmer does not mean you can use some layering. Lighter fabrics can still be layered to protect you from chilly air.

Color Blocking

There will be more color blocked shirts on the street this winter. This is the new black this spring and you can easily pair them up with your pants or shorts. Patterns of color-blocked shirts can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical.

Outer Clothing

In the New York Fashion Week, bomber jackets are a big hit. When you are shopping for one, you will find a wide variety of patterns – printed, athletic, wool or leather. Try to look for a bomber acket that is not too bulky for your body.


This spring you’ll be seeing a lot of printed pants in the male clothing department. If you are choosing printed pants, find one that is well-tailored so that you won’t be mistaken for wearing your PJs out on a spring morning. A plain shirt would complement the print just right so keep it as minimal as you can.

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