The Big Dilemma of Losing Weight: When is it the right time to buy new clothes?!

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Nothing beats that feeling when you try to lose weight and you just keep going and going until you slowly start to see the results: Your waist is getting smaller, that double chin is starting to disappear, and your facial contours are becoming more pronounced.

But the best part of all? You’re finally beginning to shrink away from your clothes! Especially those dreadful jeans that can fit at least 4 children in there. UGH!

It pays to see the results of all the hard work you’ve been doing, and you start getting that itch once again. That itch of rewarding yourself with, what else?! SHOPPING!

But is it the right time to buy new clothes? Keep reading to find out.

Is it time?

Most of those who try to lose the excess fats have a specific weight in mind. So for example, if you’re halfway down your goal, it may mean that your old clothes could be flapping around you already. Buy clothes that fit, but make sure you set a limit to it, as they’re only temporary.

Buy from Surplus Shops

And why not? There are plenty of clothes out there that are pretty decent. And besides, if you’re really serious about going all the way with your weight loss, you’re only going to be wearing it for a little while longer.

Splurge when it’s time

The right time is when you have finally reached your target weight. THIS is when you know you truly deserve a reward for ALL THOSE MONTHS of working out!

Make it your goal. See it as your finish line. Nothing’s sweeter than knowing that at the end of the road, you have a whole range of fashion choices you can make for your lithe, gorgeous body.

See you there!

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