Are Fishnet Stockings Ever OK to wear in the Office?


Fishnet 1Whenever we think of fishnet stockings, some of the words that come to mind are ‘sultry’, ‘sexy’, perhaps even ‘erotic’ or ‘suggestive’, which are adjectives that we can’t afford to be given to us as descriptions, especially if we want to be taken seriously at work.

So does that automatically mean that we can no longer wear them to the office? Not necessarily. If you love fishnet stockings and don’t see anything wrong with wearing them, you can still go ahead and do so as you please—BUT there are rules to consider. Find out what they are here.

Fishnet 5Choose Smaller Holes

The smaller the holes of your fishnets, the better. It should be small enough that from a distance, people won’t be able to tell if you are wearing fishnets or not. Why? Because this will keep people from thinking you’re showing off your legs in a seductive way.

Keep it Simple

The net pattern is enough as a design, don’t try to wear anything else that would make people keep staring and staring.

Fishnet 4And with regard to color, please bear in mind that you’re not going to a party. You’re not even trying (we hope) to get some attention at the office. For that matter, no reds, no blues, and absolutely NO NEONS! Stick to black, brown, or charcoal.


When wearing fishnets, make sure that you partner them with closed-toe shoes. No strappy sandals or SONY DSCtoo-sexy heels. The fishnets are subtly sexy enough.

Office Attire

Nothing revealing please. If you’re going to be wearing a skirt, please keep it to at least an inch above the knee. But then again, it’s still going to be up to you, isn’t it?

When wearing fishnet stockings, remember to keep it classy. You’re going to go a long way with it, for sure.

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