Beauty by RoxySun is More than Skin Deep

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Roxy Sun 7I just love skin care products—basically because I love taking good care of my skin. I love making sure that my face maintains its youthful glow, and that it would continue staying that way until I’m well over my fifties… Or maybe even my sixties, but here’s having ALL of my fingers crossed!

I have always thought of all the products I purchase for my skin or my face—regardless if it’s make up, foundation, moisturizer, toner, lotion, what-have-you—as an investment, and not just mere luxury (like how some people see it) that I can’t wait to throw money on each and every time I get my paycheck.

That couldn’t be any farther from the truth—And I love it when I meet girls who feel just the same way.

Roxy Sun 5Well, I haven’t exactly met Roxy Sun yet, but I have poured over all her blog entries on her site: and I love how she chooses all her skin care products and makes sure that she’s always up to date with what’s hot in the market, always willing to try and test what’s better for the skin.

That’s sort of my attitude when it comes to skin care. Sure I have products which I have used since forever—but I’ve always kept an eye every now and then on what’s new, because when it comes to skin care, you can never really tell if you’re already using the best one—or if you deserve more.

Now I have a feeling I’m going to be visiting this site for tips on so many things! Check it out guys!

You’re going to love it as much as I do!

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