Spring Jackets You Absolutely Need to add to Your Collection

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Spring is here! It’s really, really here! It’s not around the corner, certainly not on the fence, it’s everywhere you look. But the problem is it’s still a little bit cold—but nevertheless, it’s still a fabulous season…

Which is why you need to look all fabulous yourself, and the best way to do it is by adding a bit of fun and funk in your spring jacket collection. Find out what are this season’s must-haves.

High Shine Jackets

Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to think you’re a part of the NASA team (Sorry! That was a poor aim at joking) but they’re going to think you’re absolutely hot and sexy while you’re wearing this.

Parka Jacket

Go for colorful to match the vivid colors of this season. Parkas and anoraks can be practically called classicwear—they’re not going anywhere.

Bomber Jackets

Whether you get a blue one, a red one, or a blight floral one, when you pair this with a short skirt, or your favorite skinny jeans, your casual look would instantly become a sexy look.

Leather Jackets

This will always be a winner—not just because you consider yourself a biker chick, but because you can never go wrong with a leather jacket. But this season, instead of sticking to black, get something a little more on the color—like a red or a tan one. Instant hot!

Finally, you can knock some [fashion] sense into your wardrobe again, and this time, you can throw your heavy and thick coats at the back of the closet because spring’s here! Embrace the new season!

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