Weird Fashion

banana 3

Well Fashion Week is long gone but it doesn’t hurt to go back to it once in a while to get fresh ideas with your own ensembles.

It’s true that most of the pieces that were worn by the models sashaying down the runway would cost an arm and a leg, and some of those pieces really are really worth ‘investing’ on but some of the other ones look just plain wrong!

Want some proof? Check these photos featured in out! I don’t even know where to begin!

But well, leave it to the great designers of the world to create something from whatever inspiration they could find (or lack thereof) and call it, for the love of art, “what’s hot in fashion right now.”

We’re pretty sure that some of these are still going to end up a certifiable hit, and no doubt the kids of today are going to go gaga over it, but still. We wish that Tsumori Chisato was able to think of a better looking hat than the one this model has perched on her head. It looks so much like a mortarboard that college students wear in their graduation!

Banana 2

And what about this one? Is that a banana? A thin slice of papaya? Or a really, REALLY large, overgrown pepper?

Banana 1

Whatever it is, we can’t make heads or tails out of it… Her sweater’s nice though. I love how colorful it is!

Ok. Focus. We’re still talking about weird fashion after all.

Well that’s fashion week for everybody. Lots of hits, and a lot more misses. But all the same, we still can’t wait for next year!

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