America Ferrera’s Dress at the Cannes Film Festival Stole the Show

america ferrera

..But not in the way you would expect. Sure her cream, plunging gown was exquisite, but it was what happened to it that got people talking—not the dress itself, which was a Georges Hobeika creation. In fact, it took us a while to find out who she was wearing that day. The whole Twitter world was abuzz with what happened, but no one was really asking about the dress—or how gorgeous she was that day!

americaAlright, before we get into the details, America Ferrera was wearing a cream tulle skirt with a beaded top that had a plunging scalloped neckline. And yes, she really did look gorgeous in it.

But what happened exactly, that got everyone (including the people around her) so dumbfounded afterwards?

Said Ms. Ferrera on an interview: ”I don’t even know what happened. I feel something behind me, and there’s this guy under my dress, and then two guys drag him away!”

Which was exactly what happened. A man crawled down towards her and under her gown, unbeknownst to Ferrera, who was posing for photos along with the rest of the cast of ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2.’

america 2By the time she (and everyone else) turned around, security was already dragging a man away from the scene.

It just so happened that it was the same Ukrainian prankster that tried to kiss Will Smith in the mouth—and who got a slap from the actor himself—back in 2012. His name is Vitalii Sediuk and he was also the same man who tried to press his face in between Bradley Cooper’s legs–and just recently, do the same thing with Brad Pitt at the Maleficent Premiere. What a nut.

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