Blue is Mariah’s Color


Mariah Carey looks like she’s either enjoying motherhood a little too much or getting awfully busy promoting her latest album, ”The Elusive Chanteuse”. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both?

Either way, we are so happy to be seeing her out in public again—and it looks like she hasn’t lost an ounce of that glamour at all. As she stepped out into the limelight at the Fresh Air Fund Honoring Our American Hero event in New York City, all eyes were on her and her dazzling dress. Everybody was just drinking up her curves in a bright blue gown accessorized by her va-va-voom cleavage, a few bracelets, and, uhm, silver fingerless gloves?

Well, that one, is a bit of a puzzler. Actually, it’s something that we’re having a hard time trying to understand—but that’s how stars roll, I guess. And they can get away with practically anything. At least, that’s what they think they can do.

After the event, Mariah Carey took to the subway to finish her night out in town, and tweeted a photo of herself, complete with her couture, definitely riding the train. How cozy is that, eh? After all, she’s a diva. And divas rarely ride the subway—so this is definitely something worth seeing.

Aside from motherhood and promoting her new album, she was also presented the Pop Icon Award at the World Music Awards held in Monaco. There was a bit of a ruckus though as she arrived almost an hour late, and that didn’t sit well with the producers because she was also the opening act.

Oh well. It looks like she pulled it off magically and made peace with the people in the event. As you can see, she’s as dazzling as ever and not a hair out of place. It’s something only Mariah can do.

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