Mirror, mirror on the Wall? Who’s got the Worst Teeth of them All?

Bad Teeth

We kinda got the hang of seeing celebrities having insanely beautiful sets of teeth so the concept of some of them having the complete opposite is something that we’re having a real hard time getting a grip of.

But not until you see these celebrities that you’re going to realize that—hey, we’re not messing with you. These celebrities really do have bad teeth. Some of them though, looks like the writer was just plain exaggerating.

Perfect examples are Vanessa Paradis who has gap teeth and Avril Lavigne who has this vampire thing goin’ on. I mean, so what? It adds to their charm! Just look at Madonna who had her gap teeth fixed, then went back to ‘unfixing’ it soon as she realized that it was all part of her million-dollar package.

But hold on. Some celebrity teeth are just plain ugly. Not just ugly, but completely unhealthy. Just look at Lindsay Lohan’s teeth. It looked like it was already rotting from too much drug use. However, due to her comeback, her teeth now look like this. Pretty cool when you got oodles and oodles of cash huh?

Alright, let’s look at the rest of the list. Ricky Gervais… Gary Busey… Hmmm. Why does it not bother us that much if it’s the men who has ugly teeth?

Anna Paquin and Clint Howard also have gap teeth. If you really think about it, are gap teeth ugly?! I don’t think so!

So the next time you’re feeling a bit down about your not-so pearly whites, take a look at these photos again. They don’t look like they’re having such a bad time, are they?

So strut your teeth girl! There’s no other way to do it!

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