Make Way for 90s Fashion!

Tongue Pierce 2

You can’t possibly NOT love 90s fashion—for me, it was the dawn of everything cool. Whatever fashion we have right now is a spin on everything 90s (which, for sure, came from the 60s, 70s, and 80s fashion). But wherever the 90s fashion came from, I know one thing’s for sure. It’s AWESOME.

Tongue Pierce

Tongue Pierce 1

Back in the 90s, I wished to have a tongue pierce. Now much older, I am totally happy I didn’t.

The Cool Guy Look

Back then, you were considered a rad guy if you had on worn sneakers, ripped jeans, an unbuttoned shirt over (mostly) white graphic tee, and a mop of hair that looked like it hasn’t felt shampoo in a week. Nah, we’re kidding about the hair (or at least we hope that we are), but as far as everything’s concerned from the neck down, that’s what makes the guys cool. Nothing fitted. Please.

Reef Sandals

I remember back when this was all I wanted to wear to school, to the mall, and pretty much everything else. And if you had on white socks to wear with it, you know. You’re rocking it.


Tongue Pierce 3People of all races are equal. This ad was what Benetton famous to begin with. That, and their bold, rich colors on their clothes, their accessories, their bags, and pretty much everything else.

You can tell. The 90s fashion is making a comeback. Perhaps at least a little more subtle, but you know how great it just is. Until now, it’s still just as cool.

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