The Most Expensive Handbags of Today

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They’re luxury alright, and they look beyond gorgeous too. But would you buy them? Are they really worth investing on? Find out what are some of the most expensive handbags in the market today.

Gucci Soft Stirrup Crocodile Shoulder Bag

Gucci Soft Stirrup Crocodile Shoulder Bag

Luxurious, soft to the touch, and oh my goodness. It’s a whopping $32,500. Made my head swoon, that one did. But you have to admit. It’s beautiful isn’t it? It’s something that you know you can use over and over and over again. If only I could get the price 90% slashes. Tee-hee.

Marchesa Valentino Crocodile Evening Bag

Marchesa-Valentino-Crocodile Evening Bag

Well this one’s much, MUCH cheaper compared to the Gucci Soft Stirrup bag. At $8,595, you’ll surely be the talk of the party—come night or day.

Zagliani Small Tomodachi Bowling Bag


Mary Poppins is going to think this bag is quite scandalous with its price—or she can just throw away reason and completely fall in love with it. It’s $23,000 and it’s the type of no-nonsense bag you can bring with you wherever you feel like it.

Saint Laurent Alligator Betty Bag


Oh stop it. Look at that rich blue color. Who can resist that kind of bag? If you got $12,550 lying around, you better snatch this one up, it’s selling like hotcakes.

Prada Ostrich Tote


This Prada bag is the kind of bag you can bring with you anywhere, and the color is fab too! It would practically go with anything you have, as long as it’s casual wear. Just a head’s up on the price tag, it’s $9,600.

Gorgeous. And totally saliva-worthy. Now the big question is: Shall you splurge on it? You know what the answer to that question is, just make sure that you won’t go broke when you do it. Stay smart fellow fashionistas!

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