What’s the best haircut for my face shape?

Face Shape

It’s easy to get caught up with hair trends, even if they don’t really suit your face. It’s a sin we’ve all committed before, so that’s alright. However, you might want to consider getting it right this time. And it all starts by making sure what your face shape is!

If you have an Oval Face…

Oval FaceBring on the bangs! If you have a long face, bangs across your brow line aren’t just going to do wonders on the length of your face, it will also add a flattering width.

Oval Face 3A nice bob with side-swept bangs – Do your bob until the shoulder, you’re going to look oh so sweet that way.

Shoulder length or longer tresses with a part at the center – Straight or with waves, it’s gonna go a long way!

Or if you wanna go short… Show off your neck with a funky cut like Rihanna’s, though she’s sporting a different ‘do now.

If you have a Heart-shaped Face…

Heart ShapedA deep side part would be good, just like the one Reese Witherspoon has right here.

Heart Shaped 2Pixie Cut – Adorable, clean, and if you add side-swept bangs, you’ll look instantly gorgeoooous!

You can also go for a bouncy, healthy bob. A cut below the jaw will do wonders to your face.

If you have a Round Face…

Put your hair up into a sleek pony! No need to change anything on your hairstyle, and it costs $0 (that is, if you already have elastics ready)!

Round Face 2Long layered tresses – Part it at the center, cut it past the shoulder, and make sure that a few strands hit the jaw. Sexy.

Round Face 3Or go Assymetrical – Be adventurous by going for an uneven haircut that has different lengths. Part it at the side and add side-swept bangs too for an instant slimming effect.

If you have a Square Face…

Go for the tousled,layered look to draw the attention away from the squareness of your face.

Square Face 2You could also go for long, wavy tresses to hide a bit of your jawline.

Or just go for the classic long and straight look!

Now that you know. it’s time to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you do have the right haircut for your face shape. Does it flatter your delicate face angles in all the right places? Does it brighten up your face? Because if it doesn’t it’s high time for you to head on out to the salon and get the ‘do that’s right for you!

Don’t be scared. Embrace the change. You’re going to love it for sure!

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