Is Miley Cyrus ‘Ew’?

Since when did performing in your undies become a fashion trend? Well it probably has been since forever, but all in secret—and only when you’re in your bedroom, not at a concert, in front of thousands of screaming fans. But that’s just the way it goes for Miley Cyrus, who’s made it clear she’s way past being Hannah Montana.

Miley Out And About

But when Miley’s off the stage, she seems like a pretty regular girl, doesn’t she? She’s got this crazy fashionista I-just-got-out-of-bed vibe going on, and she’s not afraid to look it that’s for sure. But would you be willing to get her look?

Miley The Glamorous

This girl doesn’t always look like she’s such a hot mess though. She has her glam moments too! Miley’s just as fearless when she’s all dolled up—and whoa, does she look great whenever she decides to grace an event looking all chic and sophisticated. No wonder the paps can’t get enough of her!

So What’s Miley’s Secret?

Miley’s got such a slim figure and the longest legs that just keep on giving… But is that all there is to it?  Nope. Because Miley’s got what not all of us have—attitude. And lots of it. She doesn’t really care if people make fun of her—she’s just there to have fun, which what makes all her outfits seem fun at the end of the day.

So does Miley have fashion sense? Not all people would agree. Is she ‘ew’? Up to you. But if you wear what you love, and love what you wear, pretty soon you’ll be as fearless as she is. That’ll keep the boys coming to your yard.

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