Fashion Colors


One of the hardest things to do when picking out an outfit for the day is choosing the colors that would match. It comes especially harder since people have now become bolder with their everyday ensenble  choices—and it’s either they look totally great or a big flop in the fashion department.

So here are a few things for you to remember so you don’t become the latter. It’s not so hard once you get used to it. Life is full of risks—and that includes choosing a color scheme.

Know what your Neutral Colors are

They are black, white, brown, navy, and grey.

Combining these neutrals with one color: Safe and Risk free

Combine two of these neutrals with one bold color so you won’t have to worry about clashes.

For example: Blue top, black jeans, grey coat.

Sounds simple enough eh?

Adding more colors

Don’t be afraid. Breathe. It’s not so hard as it seems. For example, you can wear your yellow shirt with your pink scarf, but make sure that you add a neutral shade to your outfit, like a navy skirt or black jeans.

You can also try a purple jacket worn over a royal blue top, then grey slacks. Simple, and not too complicated at all.

Use your imagination. And don’t take it too seriously. Remember, fashion is always about fun. There is nothing wrong with making sure you look good, but if it’s taking too long for you to decide and it’s already draining the energy out of you first thing in the morning, choose something safe. Choose the one-pop-of-color scheme or just wear neutrals from head to foot.

No sense in tearing your hair out over it.

How To Wear Your Crop Tops This Spring


Just because they said crop tops are only for summer doesn’t mean it can’t be worn in spring. And spring’s here so take your crop tops out of the storage, coz you’re going to start having some fun with it—starting right now.

As long as you wear it with all the right pieces, you can never go wrong with a crop top. If you’re passionate about fashion, you’ll know what we mean.

Knitted Crop Tops

See, the weather’s just perfect, so a knitted crop top won’t only provide you with enough insulation, you’re also going to look hot in it too. Pair it with your favorite classic light washed jeans and a purse, and you’re ready to go.

Crop Top Prints

Here’s where you can put your black leather jacket to good use. Match a girly crop top (flowery prints and all that) with it and a short black skirt and you’re in business. It’s that pop of color which is going to draw eyes on you.

Sequins with Crop Tops

Here’s how you can paint the town red on any ordinary night. A sequined crop top paired with ultra casual and sexy boyfriend jeans with strappy sandals. Woot!

Crop Tops with Mid-length skirts

A crop top worn with a mid-length skirt is just proof that you can look feminine and funky at the same time.

These outfits are going to look great on you, we bet. And remember—there’s no limit to wearing a crop top. So go crazy!

How to wear a skirt


Ladies, the mini skirt may be the perfect way to show off those legs of yours, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one way to wear it.

The thing about fashion is that it’s fun, and that there’s always something new to do. And as long as you be careful with mixing and matching, everything’s going to turn out fine.

So here are a few new ways to wear a miniskirt. Flaunt it ladies!

Choose a Mini Skirt that’s Boldly Printed

Of course you can pull it off! But to make the pattern on your skirt pop a little more, stick to a plain white or black cropped top and sandals.

Skater Skirts

Yes, the skater skirt is one of the hottest items this season, and wearing them could make one feel too vulnerable… If you know what I mean. So wear boy short undies underneath it, and match the skirt with chunky pieces like boots and a thick sweater. That’ll complete your look.

Velvet Skirts

When you’re feeling feminine but still want to stick to something casual, wearing a plain velvet skirt with a top and sandals is safe enough to make you still look chic.

Crop Tops and Minis

Yep. They go together like shamalamala doompidinkidong, but it takes guts to pull ’em off. Remember, you don’t really need to have an ubber toned tummy, though it helps a little. But if you think you can wear ’em, then go for it!

So here’s your style of the day folks. There are tons more ways to wear the mini, so be adventurous! Life’s too short!

“Why couldn’t I have been taller?”


You asked yourself as you tried on another outfit for the Nth time.

There, there. You’ve been asking yourself the same question since the day you discovered you’re born fashionably chic. There’s really nothing you can do about that. And unless a new discovery happens that would instantly make you grow a couple of inches taller overnight, we suggest that you accept the truth about your height.

That doesn’t mean you can’t try a few fashion tricks that would make you instantly taller though. In fact, we have a few right here for you. Read on!

Go Long

Ladies, maxi skirts and dresses can be your best friend. Just choose ones that are solid in color, and make sure that you’re looking fitted at the top. How do you do that? By tucking your shirt in, or wearing a cropped top or jacket. That would instantly elongate your body and make you look taller.

Go Short

If you want to appear taller, remember that your legs are your accessory. They don’t even need to be the slimmest, most well-shaped legs in the world. You just need to know how to work it. So no matter how short your legs are, if you must wear a pair of shorts or a short skirt, make sure that it’s short, like a mini skirt. Avoid anything knee or calf-length. That would instantly ruin the illusion.

Go Vertical

You all probably know this, but vertical stripes make you appear longer and slimmer. So when you go out shopping, look for dresses that have vertical lines designed on them for a change. Enough with the horizontal!

There you go girls. Three of the best ways on how you can seem taller than you are. And remember, whatever you’re wearing, be sure to rock it—that always adds to you looking good.

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