Lifestyle Sky: Sky’s the Limit When it comes to Fashion

Lifestyle Sky

Here is another fabulous fashion discovery I can’t help but consider as my own accomplishment, all because I found it during my quest to unearth the best-kept secret fashion blogs on th Internet —Lifestyle Sky which is brimming with hundreds of fashion ideas which can last you the whole year through.

Lifestyle Sky 2

Lifestyle Sky is actually a bit just like an online digital magazine. In fact, it is an online magazine. It gives you a lot of tips regarding make up, health and beauty, hairstyles, basically anything related to fashion to give you that extra oomph when it comes to strutting your stuff—something that no amount of expensive clothes can give you, if you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re doing.

Lifestyle Sky can definitely help with your transformation from a ‘Zero’ to becoming the ‘It Girl’ next door.

This online magazine doesn’t just give suggestions on what products you can use on yourself, or what the latest fashion is hot off the catwalk, it also tells you which one would best suit you—which is more than we can say when it comes to other fashion blogs out there.

And from what I heard, Lifestyle Sky is about to add more features on its blog in the near future. Right now, they come out with monthly pieces that feature their favorites and latest trend obsessions,which I find all very useful when it comes to ”enhancing” (for lack of a better word) my closet.

Lifestyle Sky 3

But what excites me even more are their plans to add street photography to show off their weekly personal style, focusing on high fashion for the minimalistic and the futuristic. It’s my kind of fashion, and I know for sure I’m going to be one of their most avid stalkers.

I can’t wait!

Spring Fashion 2014


Spring is finally here. It’s really, really here. Well, for other states (and some parts of the world), the temperature may still get kinda confusing, but there’s no doubt about it, that for most of the US, spring has finally come.

And in case you’re wondering what are the season’s hottest trends, look no further. Check out these ensembles from Ms. Glamorazzi  for you to get a few ideas of your own. Good luck!

It’s time to Get Back to Basics and Believe in Style Once More!


You can never have too many inspirations when it comes to fashion—at least that’s what I think, and I’m a certified fashionista, which means that whenever I find a legit fashion gem on the internet, fashion blogs made by real women like me, I can’t help but be delighted. It only means that I’ll have plenty more ideas on how to ”wear” my closet.


So imagine how happy I was when I chanced upon All her fashion choices seem so fresh, so simple, and so uncomplicated. Take a look at her latest blog entry which was posted only a few days ago.

Her sandals are to die for. Just look at how casual yet elegant it made her entire outfit come out. The colors just seemed to all come together—her blouse, which she bought from Forever 21 (I looooove Forever 21… Who doesn’t?!) and her cropped trousers are just the perfect combination for a simple get together–nothing fancy–just like a graduation party. And what’s more, it’s the perfect everyday look we can all wear everywhere! Fantastic!

It seems like the blogger is a fan of Forever 21—and the color blue. Check out her post from May 5th. Her sky blue vest certainly added a bit of fun to her black duo, and the strappy sandals are soooo cute I want one RIGHT NOW! She did mention they were no longer on sale though. So maybe I can just look for something that looks like it.

And the blue nail polish is just—Ahhh! I love love love it! From the simple hairstyle, to the fresh make up, oversized hoop earrings, blue vest, cropped top and pants, and the sandals. Oh my. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting this site more than once everyday.

So what about you? What are your own online fashion finds? Care to share? We hope to hear from you too!

How to Create Your Own Dress

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You do know that you can sew your own dress, don’t you? It’s not such a complicated thing to do, especially if you come prepared even before you start with a project. There are hundreds of tutorials to be found online, but before you begin, it’s best to know the basics.

Choose A Style as a Basis for your Pattern

This is actually the most thrilling part of making a dress—choosing the style. If this is your first time, make sure you choose something simple, so as not to overwhelm you. Take your measurements, and have a friend help you with it. Make some allowances. Remember, comfort is everything.

Go Shopping for a Fabric!

First of all, the pattern should go with the fabric. Make sure that you don’t match voile with a dress that’s structured. And don’t make the mistake of choosing a stiff fabric that’s supposed to flow.

Also, make a checklist. Should the fabric be made of natural fibers? Does it need to be thin in order for your skin to breathe?

Know about the types of folds on a dress

Gathers, darts, and pleats. What are these? These are folds that are made to adjust or accommodate your body curves. Without it, your body’s going to be extremely uncomfortable at the flatness of the fabric, so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with them.

Marking the Fabric

Cut your pattern using either pins or pattern weights. Be sure to use your pins only inside the seam allowances, and when marking your fabric, make sure you use pens that wash away with water. You don’t want to make that mistake. Trust me.

Once you know all these, creating your own dress is going to be easier to do. Pretty soon you’re going to be an expert and save tons of money on shopping! Now wouldn’t that be great?

Kate Middleton: A Duchess, Mother and A Fashion Icon

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She may not be a Hollywood celebrity but she is far more than that being of royalty. While she is naturally beautiful in every possible angle, the world cannot help but be amazed of her unmistakably amazing fashion sense as she sports different looks from the same pieces of wardrobe each and every time she steps out of the royal castle.

There is no other royalty to be photographed as much as Kate Middleton aside from the late Princess Diana. In fact, their styles have been compared right from the very start. From mainstream British designers to A-list designers, all of them dreams of dressing up the Duchess of Cambridge. Even the famous Hobbit director seems to be enthralled by Kate Middleton’s beauty as he took a picture of her using his phone when he toured them at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center.

The royal couple is currently in New Zealand for the 2014 Royal Tour. The absolutely gorgeous baby prince George is with them. From day 1, Kate Middleton showed an impeccable taste of fashion. She wore a MaxMara blue-grey cross hatch wraparound print dress matched with nude shoes. The royal family is said to have been on the first class cabin of Qantas flight to Sydney where they transferred to a private flight to New Zealand.

The Duchess of Cambridge was also seen carrying a Longchamp Le Pliage Tote in short handle. When the royal family landed in Wellington, New Zealand, she was wearing the gorgeous bright pillar-box red coat by Catherine Walker. She is a designer that was also once a favorite of the late Princess Diana. To complete the whole outfit, she matched the dress with brown pumps and clutch from Emmy Shoes.

How to choose the right type of pressed powder for your face

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Just like the rest of your make up, you should also consider your face powder to be an investment before buying the cheaper brand. This is your face we’re talking about, and the quality is very important to make sure that it will be compatible with your skin. So here are a few tips for you to remember.

Prepare to try different brands at varying prices

Because not all women are lucky enough to find the right powder for them on their first try, it’s better if you try different brands until you find out which one is for you.

Face powder and Foundation powder are two different things

Foundation powders are usually thicker, and if you use it as a face powder and apply it too thick on your face, it’s going to look caked-on and that’s not attractive at all.

Choose a face powder that’s right for your skin

Not too light, not too dark, just right.

The color of the skin on your face is different from your hand’s (or wrist’s)

So when you’re trying on face powders, make sure you try them on the jawbone or the neck instead.

Use a Magnifying Mirror

Now you know what the purpose of a magnifying mirror is, to make sure that when you blend your face powder with your other make up products, that it’s going to look natural and flawless. It’s the only way to go.

These are just some of the things you need to remember when shopping for a face powder. Don’t worry, it’s all going to be uphill from now on. Good luck!

Running out of Ideas on What to Wear? This is for you!


The thing about us girls (and some boys) who are absolutely head over heels in love with fashion is that.. Well, though we really hate to admit it sometimes, we lose our fashion sense once in a while too. We don’t always get it right. We run out of ideas. We make mistakes—which is alright because we’re only humans after all.

And just like everybody else, we also get some of our outfit ensembles in magazines, which is also OK. We’re not perfect. So today, this is for all those girls out there who may be running low on fashion fuel. Here are the hottest trends for Spring/Summer of 2014.

Pretty in Pastel

If you’re feeling feminine, this is the way to go. Whether you’re wearing shirts or skirts or short shorts, this is the way to go when you want to look all girly and beautiful.

Holographic Dresses

The future is now with this stand-alone type of clothing. Make heads turn with a shiny, holographic dress and steal the spotlight from—well, just about everyone else. You are sure to stand out with even a few or no accessories.

Full Skirts

Be the belle of the ball with chic and feminine skirts. Go all the way with bold prints to make you look instant hot.


Yes. You read that right. Thank goodness for fashion sweatshirts you can stay comfortable while still looking hip and fashionable. And there’s a ton of prints you can try too, which would make it all the more fun to add to your ensemble.

See ladies? There’s always something for everyone, even if you’re not feeling up to it, even if you’re feeling like staying in your jammies all day. Once you try on these hot pieces for this season, you’ll feel like your old self again! Good luck!

The Adidas Stan Smith Shoes


Here’s something that would blend perfectly well with the Spring season: The Stan Smith sneakers by Adidas!

More than 4 decades since it was launched in 1973, the Stan Smith shoe (named after Stanley Roger Smith, the tennis champion) has already sold over thirty million pairs.

In fact, it’s the best selling tennis sneakers of all time. And four decades since 1973, it’s still considered as one of the most coveted pair of sneakers in the world today.

Without a doubt, the design of the Stan Smith sneakers is plain simple. Why, some people would even consider it as plain. But its plainness could be the one why celebrities like Pharell keep wearing them in the first place.

Instead of Adidas’ signature stripes, what the Stan Smith shoes have on the side are 3 rows of perforated holes. Why? We may never know. But one thing still remains, it looks HOT!

Which is what makes it the perfect pair of shoes to wear whatever you decide to wear on this spring. It’s minimalist design is just right, and it’s uber-comfy too.

But are you thinking of buying one for yourself? Sorry, you can’t. They’re all sold out since January.

For the lucky ones who were able to snag a piece though—you are in so much luck. The 90’s fashion is back and the white sneaks are a hip essential to the casual spring outfit. Wear it with jean, a skirt of any length, a funky top, the right accessories, and you’re ready to go out into the world.

4 Ways To Rock Your Spring Outfits


It’s official! Spring is here! It’s time to shove your winter clothes all the way at the very back of your closet, fashionista ladies. It’s time to get kickin’ with this season’s coolest spring outfits!

But hold on. Have you already given your closet a once over? Do you have everything you need in there? You probably do—because you always do. But just in case there are a few missing pieces, you can always go shopping, can’t you?

But that isn’t really the problem with this year’s spring fashion. Like we said, you probably already have everything you need in there, no need for a revamp. It’s the mixing and matching that could be the problem, and we’re here to help!

Cut Off Jeans

A pair of cut off jeans are always delicious. You don’t even need accessories, because you’re going to make your legs the center of attraction here. It hardly matters what you pair your cut off jeans with, but a nice tee would do, and a trench coat with a solid color would make you look chic even if you’re just running errands.

Lightwight Dress

We know. It’s not summer yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways for you to make use of ’em. Wear a braided square cut sweater over it, and finish with a nice pair of sandals. Picture perfect!

Bright Colored Coat

A bright colored coat can go places with you, and you’re always going to look goooorgeous in it—as long as you know what to pair it with. For example, a plain top, skinny jeans in a lighter wash, and an equally bright-colored pair of shoes.

Now you got some pretty good ideas, it’s time to test them out for yourself. Be ready to make heads turn!



It may seem like the OOTD (Read: Outfit of the day) is being done in an awful bad taste but the truth is, it’s pretty harmless. And if you’re into fashion and you have one of those days wherein you’re just really loving what you’re seeing in the mirror—no problemo: Whip out your phone, take a snap, and share it!

An Unfair Advantage

There used to be a time when the only ones allowed to do OOTDs were the models in fashion magazines. But it all seemed so scripted. We all know the ensemble was put together by a team of fashion experts.

But everything’s different now. The OOTD has broken off of its shackles—making it free for all. Now you can tell the world how you’re rockin’ that outfit. But do you know how to do an OOTD properly?

How to do an OOTD

Take the photo against a plain backdrop – There can’t be too much going on in the background, otherwise the attention would be drawn away from your outfit.

Take different angles of the outfit – Be creative with your shots, just like how models do it!

Take photos of every piece you’re wearing – Yes you can, and make sure you give a little background of where you bought it!

Take it Outside – Make sure you get plenty of natural light when you take your OOTDs! That way the photo’s going to look sharp.

Take a Full Length Shot –Front and Back – So your audience can see everything from head to foot!

There you go ladies, the best tips to taking your OOTD. All you need now is a little bit of practice. Before long you’ll be doing it like a pro!

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